Homescapes Hack

homescapes hack

Homescapes is a match 3-puzzle game with a home decorating features. It was released by Playrix in September 2017. If you are fond of playing its Gardenscapes, then you will surely love Homescapes Hack. It shares the same gameplay concept. Butler is the game protagonist. As the level progresses, the storyline progresses too. The game is free and available in Android, iOS, and Amazon App Store.  

What is special about Homescapes?

Homescapes is not your ordinary match-3 puzzle game. You have to employ various strategies to clear the board and earn stars. The stars are used to buy the things you need to furnish a home. The stars are also needed to perform a basic task such as sweeping the floor. The puzzle part adds a different level of fun. As the level progresses, the puzzle part gets harder. You need to complete one to move to the next and every time you successfully solve a puzzle, you will get stars.

Homescapes Hacks

When playing the game, coins and stars are the main currency. To further advance in the game, you should consider following these Homescapes Hacks:


  • Finish the day – When you finish the day, you will get rewards such as unlimited life and booster, which can be in the forms of a bomb, rocket, rainbow balls, or paper planes. 
  • Tap the message icon when it pops out – By simply tapping the message icon, you will be able to earn free coins as a gift.
  • Join other Playrix games – While playing Homescapes, you will see icons that prompt you to join other games. If you install the game, you will earn free coins. 
  • Win match-3 levels – Every time you surpass a level, you will be able to earn stars, which you can use to renovate your villa. The easy level will let you earn one star while difficult levels let you earn two stars. 
  • Join competitions and leagues – By taking part in leagues and competitions, you will be able to get rewards. The kind of rewards you will get depends on your position on the leaderboard.
  • Complete the level in minimum moves – If you successfully complete a level in minimum moves, you’ll be able to earn more coins. The remaining moves will be automatically converted into boosters. That is on top of the 50 coins for every successfully completed level. 
  • Do not forget to collect daily rewards – Homescapes is generous at giving rewards, which can be in the forms of coins, boosters, and extra moves. 
  • Match four or move the same pieces – By matching four or move same pieces, you will get a unique piece packed with special effects such as paper plane, T-shaped bomb, rockets, and rainbow. 
  • Connect to social media – You will get free coins if you connect the game to your social media account. You can interact with your social media friends which will enable you to get more coins. In fact, you can even ask extra lives to your teammates. 
  • Watch in-game advertisements – We know how annoying it is when advertisements pop up in the middle of the game. But don’t you know you can earn free coins by simply watching in-game advertisements? It is one of the simplest Homescapes hacks out there. 

Homescapes Hacks and Cheat Features

If you get stuck at any stage, especially that the level gets harder and harder as you progress with the game, you can rely on Homescapes hacks and cheats. They are the brilliant ways of getting through difficult levels. They are widely used by players to win difficult levels. By using Homescapes hacks and cheats, you will be able to access all kinds of gaming resources. Plus, it comes with auto-update options, which enable you to use the cheat with the game’s most advanced features.


By using Homescapes hacks and cheats, you will be able to get more coins, stars, and lives. You will have unlimited resources to complete a particular stage. It is also compatible with all kinds of devices such as iOS, Windows, and Android, to name a few. 

How to use Homescapes hacks and tools?

Using Homescapes hacks and tools is easy and straightforward. The hacking and cheat tools work perfectly so getting tons of stars and coins is pretty easy. It also comes with a remarkable option so there is no need for you to use your own money. Once you use Homescapes hacks and cheats, you’ll be able to enjoy all the perks it offers such as unlimited coins automatically added to your account. You will also receive powers which you can use to unlock different options. 


Another perk of using Homescapes hacks and cheats is getting the latest update. The cheats and hacks are designed to help you get through the toughest level. Use the hacks and cheats to reach the final stage without any difficulties. You will also get bonus coins, which you can use to further progress in the game.


Homescapes is one of the best games created by Playrix. A lot of players love this game because of its fun and engaging nature.  Every level is unique but one thing is for sure, the game gets more difficult as the level progresses. Many players get stuck, feeling helpless and frustrated. Fortunately, there are now Homescapes hacks and cheats which will enable you to progress with the game and get through even the most difficult level. Homescapes hacks and cheats are used by the players to achieve winning levels. Use the hacks and cheats to avoid coins and stars shortage. It is free to use and guaranteed 100% safe. It is free from malware or viruses. Just follow the usage instructions and you are all set to play your favorite game the hassle-free way. So, the next time you are stuck at a difficult level, do not lose hope as hacks and cheats are available.