5 Homescapes Tips You Need to Know

Homescapes is all about doing home renovations but with a twist. You need to help Austin the butler in matching puzzles to win stars. The stars are all you need to bring the dusty old mansion to its formal glory. Every level has a goal that needs to be met so that Austin can advance into the next level. 


If you want to level up your Homescapes game, then you might want to consider following these tips.


Wait for the notification of the awesome matching opportunity


Finding a match is easy, especially if you are at an early level. However, as the game progresses, the level gets harder and harder making it impossible for you to immediately see the available match. In times where you can’t decide what pieces to match, then all you need to do is to wait for a few seconds and the game will highlight the best possible pieces to match. Since you are the player, you have the option to activate the recommended move or not. If it is just a three-piece match, then do not click on the match and select a better combination, which consists of a four or five-piece match. It gives you more points and advantages, especially if you are already at a difficult level. 


Work on boosters

Boosters are essential when it comes to playing Homescapes. With the right booster, you will be able to get out of difficult situations. Some boosters you can create on the game board while others can be placed on the board before the match. There are also boosters you can use as a last resort. They are displayed on the right side of the level you are currently playing. 


Below are some of the useful boosters:


  • Rockets – This booster can be created if you match four pieces in a row or column. Once you click on the rocket, it will spread across the column or row and clear out every piece in its path. 
  • Bombs – You can create a bomb if you match five pieces together in an L shape. Like a bomb, it explodes and clears everything that is in the blast radius. 
  • Paper plane – To create a paper plane, you have to match four pieces in a square formation. The power of the paper plane is its ability to target the piece that needs to be cleared the most.
  • Rainbow ball – You can create a rainbow ball by matching five pieces in a column or a row. The power of the rainbow ball is if you match up with a piece, it will wipe out all the pieces on the board with the previous piece match. 

Which booster should you choose before the level starts?


You have the option to choose a pre-level booster. With the boosters mentioned above, the best ones are the double paper planes and rainbow ball. The double paper plane is helpful during the cherry targeting level while the rainbow ball is helpful in every type of stage goal.


Try matching boosters together


You can create super boosters by matching boosters together. Super boosters have extraordinary powers. If you want to level up the power of rockets, you can put two rockets together. 


  • Multiple rockets – Multiple rockets can be created which will help clear out the entire row or column. 
  • Rocket/bomb and match with a paper plane – It helps create a paper plane that has the ability to transport the rocket or a bomb to a chosen piece. 
  • Rainbow ball with any booster – If you match a rainbow ball with any booster, you can create multiple copies of the matched booster.
  • Matching two rainbow balls – It clears out all pieces in a particular level of the game.


Take advantage of infinite retry booster 


If you complete the daily goals and fill up the mission meter, you will be able to receive gift boxes. The boxes contain boosters as well as infinite retry. The beauty of infinite retry is it gives you a 30-minute unlimited chance of completing the level. You can complete as many stages as you can. If you have this opportunity, you should choose a mission that needs multiple stars. You also need to make sure you play the game on a day to day basis so that you will get your daily log-in rewards. If you play Homescapes for seven consecutive days, you will get all the necessary boosters and extra goodies too. 


Connect Homescapes with your social media account


If you are an avid Homescapes player, then you know that you can join a team once you reach level 36. The problem is that with so many players chances are the teams are already full, especially the best teams. The beauty of joining a team is you can obtain free retries. Fortunately, there are other routes of doing so and one of which is connecting your Homescapes to your social media account like Facebook. All you need to do is to log-in to Homescapes using your Facebook account. Doing so will instantly give you 1000 coins. You can also send and receive retries to your Facebook friends who also play Homescapes. If you want to take your Homescapes gaming to the next level, then you should connect it with your Facebook account. You will surely enjoy playing with your friends.


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