How many levels are there in Homescapes?

Homescapes is extremely popular on android. Many android users have the game installed on their gadgets. Fortunately, this famous game can be played using your personal computer. It is an addicting game as the level goes on and on. the level is massive and a new level is added every week. So, it would be better if you are going to play install Homescapes to your computer so that you will not run out of battery while playing the game.


To install Homescapes in your PC, you need to install an android emulator. Sign in to your Google account, search and install Homescapes from the Google Play or App Center. Begin downloading the game by simply following the instructions. 


Homescapes levels


How many levels are there in Homescapes? This is a pretty difficult question to ask. The maker of Homescapes, Playrix, always adds new levels every week. So, basically, all you need to do is to play as much as you can and pass through one level to another. Keep in mind that every level has a different goal and you will surely meet hurdles along the way. For you to pass on to one level to another, you need to employ the right gaming strategy. 


With every completed level, you get to earn a start or a coin. Coins are needed to buy additional moves, especially if you are stuck at a particular level. You will gain stars with every completed level. The stars are used to accomplish a to-do task such as upgrading the mansion. Aside from the puzzle side, you can use your decorating prowess as you get to help Austin choose which upgrade looks best for the mansion. 


There are literally thousands of Homescapes levels. For the record, there are now 2,850 levels as of August 2019. Around 25 levels a week are added every Thursday. The level can get pretty difficult once you reach level 24. What you need to know though is that in every multiple of 10 levels, the game gets harder. If you are stuck in a difficult level, do not lose hope as there are a lot of things you can do to progress in the game. 


Below are the tips and tricks you can use to further advance the game.


  1. Take advantage of combos – You will be rewarded with boosters if you combine more than three objects of the same kind together. Homescapes has basic boosters which include the following:


  1. Paper airplane – You can get this booster if you combine four objects in a square. The paper airplane helps you clear four objects around in a cross shape and fly to a random spot on the board.
  2. Rocket – Combine any four objects and a rocket will appear. What the rocket booster does is it clears a full row or column of objects depending on which direction the rocket is facing.
  3. Bomb – A bomb booster can b achieved if you combine five or more objects at an intersecting point. A bomb is a powerful booster as it helps clear the surrounding objects for three squares deep. 
  4. Disco ball – You can achieve this booster if you match five pieces in a row. To use the disco ball, all you need to do is to switch is to another object and it will clear all the object of its kind on the board. 


  1. Get complex combos – A complex combo is when you combine two combos. The effect is massive and powerful as opposed to using the combos separately. You can combine an airplane and bomb and you will be able to clear the normal airplane space and at the same time clears the bomb size space where the airplane flies to. 
  2. Make a wise decision – Once you have the booster, chances are, you might be too excited to use it sooner. However, it is a must to think before you click. Save the booster as you can use it later on when the game gets hard, especially if you are out of moves. 
  3. Know your goal and prioritize – As the level progresses, the game gets even more difficult. If you don’t know your goal and don’t prioritize correctly, you can get stuck at a particular level. To tell you frankly, there are levels that seem impossible to beat. Know your goal and prioritize accordingly. Save your booster and use it when the right time comes.
  4. Use the coins wisely – As much as possible, you should save your coins for the hard level. Do not use the coins to continue a level unless you are really struggling. If you feel like you can beat a particular level within a couple of turns, then save your coins and just try your best. Coins are precious when playing Homescapes and you have to make sure you invest your coins wisely.


Homescapes is an entertaining and addicting game. However, things can get a bit frustrating, especially if you are stuck up in a difficult level. There are thousands of levels in Homescapes. Matter of fact, new levels are added every single week. The list goes on and on. if you are fond of playing Homescapes, then you will surely like the idea of new levels being added every Thursday. It would take your faming to the next level. As you pass through the challenging levels, you will feel great knowing that you accomplish something. It is the fun-filled experience that makes Homescapes a must-played game. 


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